why we are

The Future is an independent printer and publisher based in Amsterdam. We give small and/or experimental ideas, that could have a large impact, an opportunity to communicate through the print medium.

The print medium has always been successful — ink on paper still fascinates and inspires. However, the pervasive (corporate) model for printing and publishing, emerging over the last fifty years, has proven itself to be out of sync. What can a small printer and publisher contribute? We are often frustrated that interesting ideas / works cannot be considered by larger publishers or institutions. How can one make printed matter interesting, affordable and of high quality? Answering this question is at the core of The Future’s activities.

By initiating, collaborating, and co-creating, The Future publishes installations, exhibitions, and researches that inevitably lead us to print books, magazines, pamphlets, and the sort. Though we are based in Amsterdam, we collaborate and distribute internationally.


how we work

The following is our general strategy and approach to publishing and printing.

> only produce small print runs;
> build partnerships;
> to achieve the aesthetic quality necessary, we act as curators for works;
> we do not restrict ourselves to a certain field;
> everything under the same roof.


a list of works in chronological order.

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot: An essay written by Stichting Monnik, edited, designed, printed and bound by The Future. [Released: June 9, 2013]

Menu Struik: A playful menu for our downstairs neighbors and landlords. [Released: July 2013]

Weekender - Yamandu: Prints made for Yamandu Roos' exhibition for Weekender in Amsterdam. [Released: Sept. 2013]

SynCity Magazine: Result of our 8 hour performance at Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond. [Released: Sept. 2013]

SynCity Book: The final publication of the 8 hour performance at Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond. [Released: Oct. 2013]

Het Wit van Boezeroen: An experimental novel by Thijs Middeldorp. [Released: Nov. 2013 - June 2014]

Creative Underclass: A perscription instructions document for the creative industry in The Netherlands. [Released: March 2014]

The Trade Game: An installation and game / workshop we created for Roppongi Art Night 2014 in Tokyo with our friends The Trading City. [Released: April 2014]

Lente Kabinet 2014: A cultural program for one of Amsterdam's best music festivals. [Released: May 2014]

You are the Best!: A card to make others feel good about. [Released: Oct. 2014]

Center - Periphery: A soundscape and document made for FOAM during Amsterdam Museum Night. [Released: Nov. 2014]

TransArts Tokyo Kanda 2014: An installation and performance for TransArts Tokyo Kanda 2014. [Released: Nov. 2014]

Ruimte Voor het Onverwachte: A guide book to art in the public realm by the AFK and TAAK. [Released: Dec. 2014]

Creative Underclass 2: A second perscription instructions document for the second creative industry meeting in de Brakke Grond. [Released: Feb. 2015]

Book of Memories at the Lloyd Hotel Cultural Embassy: An installation co-created with Erika Kobayashi and a book. [Released: March. 2015]

Lente Kabinet 2015: A cultural program for one of Amsterdam's best music festivals in 2015. [Released: May 2015]

The Future Residency 2015: The Future's multi-disciplinary residency in Kyushu Japan. [Released: June — Sept. 2015]

Exhibition Oda Hiroki: The Future Residency 2015: First exhibition of the Kama City Residency 2015. [Released: Sept. — Oct. 2015]

Book of Memories at Utrecht / NOW IdEA: Exhibition and performance in Tokyo for the book Book of Memories. [Released: Oct. 2015]

The Night Museum SHIBAURA HOUSE: Tokyo exhibition of the Kama City Residency 2015. [Released: Nov. 2015]

1D: book of Yamandu Roos's photos of Stupid Fresh Amsterdam. [Released: April 2016]

View from the Outside: video installation and book for Looiersgracht 60. [Released: July 2016]

Take Apart a Car: book-film, and book for Victor Engbers and Olivier Oosterbaan's Take Apart a Car project. [Released: July 2016]

Design Museum Dharavi: book for Design Museum Dharavi. [Released: Sept. 2016]

In Development

things we are working on, with the occasional article and
random thoughts that struck us in the wee hours of the morning.

Beyond the Present Age: A comprehensive research into the process of modernity and the state that we find ourselves in.

Vernacular Modernity: A theoretical tool (as in a theory that can be used) to address new trends in development, architecture and cultural studies.
Excess: The development of excess within the modern condition is tracable. It demonstrates the inevitable psychological break that occures once the excess is banalized. There is no better example than post-bubble Japan.
An Object is Nothing But an Object: A draft for an essay about "objects".
A Sort of Do-It-Yourself Detective Story: A review of the Pierre Huyghe exhibition in Cologne in 2014.

A New Clear World: A series detailing the earth after humankind no longer exists as we know it.

TOP SECRET World Domination Project: As the name implies... this is top secret.

The Future of Travel: A series of illustrated books looking at how our world would be and transport would be had we not developed our contemporary modes of transport but opted for others.

Damatuji: A book about one of Song Dynasty China's most celebrated female poet's poem about the war game Damatuji.

TOP SECRET Magazine Project: As the name implies... this is top secret.

TOP SECRET Architecture Project: As the name implies... this is top secret.

The Festival: The Festival, or fete, is an old social and cultural platform, yet it has lost its legitamacy over the years. Through two case studies this platform will be researched to see if it still holds any potential.

Death: Death is an ongoing research project looking at the relation between Death and the modern western condition. In this first volume, research will focus on Japanese conditions and relations.


We publish our own works, works that we commission, but we are always open to good ideas/works. The Future sees its main goal as providing works that would not be published by large publishers an opportunity to be appreciated.

If you have an idea or a work that you think we would like, get in touch with us.

Contact us for more information about contributing.