The Future is a small independent printing and publishing company based in Amsterdam. We love paper, ink on paper, books.


In 2012, we traveled through Tokyo and apart from the aesthetic delicacies that abounded, we noticed that the book culture flourishes and the appreciation for print is very visible.This is less so in Amsterdam or New York. What can a small printer and publisher contribute? Often interesting works cannot be considered by larger publishers for various reasons, while a smaller printing company with smaller print runs can. Can't printed matter be interesting, affordable and of good quality?


Print is not dead, nor has it ever been dying. The medium has never not been successful, ink on paper still fascinates and inspires. However, the (corporate) model for printing and publishing, emerging over the last fifty years, has proven itself to be out of sync. We print and publish any works we find interesting and engaging. This starts with the niche, experimental, outrageous, but always sincere ideas have the potential to shift perspectives, and thus diversify the cultural landscape. Sometimes these works will come to us as an idea from an artist, or from ourselves with which we work from ideation till distribution. Other times, we will work with a manuscript, contribution from editorial, graphic design, to distribution. By working in this way, we strive to reinvigorate and reestablish print as a medium for the exchange of ideas.



We publish our own works, works that we commission, but we are always open to good ideas/works. The Future sees its main goal as providing works that would not be published by large publishers an opportunity to be appreciated.


If you have an idea or a work that you think we would like, get in touch with us.


Contact us for more information about contributing.


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