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Beyond the Present Age: A comprehensive research into the process of modernity and the state that we find ourselves in.


  • Vernacular Modernity: A theoretical tool (as in a theory that can be used) to address new trends in development, architecture and cultural studies.
  • Excess: The development of excess within the modern condition is tracable. It demonstrates the inevitable psychological break that occures once the excess is banalized. There is no better example than post-bubble Japan.
  • An Object is Nothing But an Object: A draft for an essay about "objects".
  • A Sort of Do-It-Yourself Detective Story: A review of the Pierre Huyghe exhibition in Cologne in 2014.


A New Clear World: A series detailing the earth after humankind no longer exists as we know it.


TOP SECRET World Domination Project: As the name implies... this is top secret.


The Future of Travel: A series of illustrated books looking at how our world would be and transport would be had we not developed our contemporary modes of transport but opted for others.


Damatuji: A book about one of Song Dynasty China's most celebrated female poet's poem about the war game Damatuji.


TOP SECRET Magazine Project: As the name implies... this is top secret.


Death: Death is an ongoing research project looking at the relation between Death and the modern western condition. In this first volume, research will focus on Japanese conditions and relations.



We publish our own works, works that we commission, but we are always open to good ideas/works. The Future sees its main goal as providing works that would not be published by large publishers an opportunity to be appreciated.


If you have an idea or a work that you think we would like, get in touch with us.


Contact us for more information about contributing.

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