a list of works in chronological order.

Tea, Earl Grey, Hot: An essay written by Stichting Monnik, edited, designed, printed and bound by The Future. [Released: June 9, 2013]


Weekender - Yamandu: Prints made for Yamandu Roos' exhibition for Weekender in Amsterdam. [Released: Sept. 2013]


SynCity Magazine: Result of our 8 hour performance at Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond. [Released: Sept. 2013]


SynCity Book: The final publication of the 8 hour performance at Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond. [Released: Oct. 2013]


Het Wit van Boezeroen: An experimental novel by Thijs Middeldorp. [Released: Nov. 2013 - June 2014]


Creative Underclass: A prescription instructions document for the creative industry in The Netherlands, made for and with Stichting Nieuwe Helden. [Released: March 2014]


The Trade Game: An installation and game / workshop we created for Roppongi Art Night 2014 in Tokyo with our friends The Trading City. [Released: April 2014]


Lente Kabinet 2014: A cultural program for one of Amsterdam's best music festivals. [Released: May 2014]


You are the Best!: A card to make others feel good about. [Released: Oct. 2014]


Center - Periphery: A soundscape and document made for FOAM during Amsterdam Museum Night. [Released: Nov. 2014]


TransArts Tokyo Kanda 2014: An installation and performance for TransArts Tokyo Kanda 2014. [Released: Nov. 2014]


Ruimte Voor het Onverwachte: A guide book to art in the public realm by the AFK and TAAK. [Released: Dec. 2014]


Creative Underclass 2: A second prescription instructions document for the second creative industry meeting in de Brakke Grond. [Released: Feb. 2015]


Book of Memories at the Lloyd Hotel Cultural Embassy: An installation co-created with Erika Kobayashi and a book. [Released: March. 2015]


Lente Kabinet 2015: A cultural program for one of Amsterdam's best music festivals in 2015. [Released: May 2015]


The Future Residency 2015: The Future's multi-disciplinary residency in Kyushu Japan. [Released: June — Sept. 2015]


Exhibition Oda Hiroki: The Future Residency 2015: First exhibition of the Kama City Residency 2015. [Released: Sept. — Oct. 2015]


Book of Memories at Utrecht / NOW IdEA: Exhibition and performance in Tokyo for the book Book of Memories. [Released: Oct. 2015]


The Night Museum SHIBAURA HOUSE: Tokyo exhibition of the Kama City Residency 2015. [Released: Nov. 2015]


1D: book of Yamandu Roos's photos of Stupid Fresh Amsterdam. [Released: April 2016]


View from the Outside: video installation and book for Looiersgracht 60. [Released: July 2016]


Fiat Lux: book-film, and book for Victor Engbers and Olivier Oosterbaan's Take Apart a Car project. [Released: July 2016]


Design Museum Dharavi: book for Design Museum Dharavi. [Released: Sept. 2016]


I. Head on Chairs and (Sometimes) Other Things: a book for performance artist Ichiro Kagetora. [Released: Sept. 2016]


Made in Yoro!: installation at Fe Gallery in Minami Aoyama [Released Sept. 2016]


All Innocuous  Like: A collection by Devlin Cooper and Kay Brugmans [Released Sept. 2016]



We publish our own works, works that we commission, but we are always open to good ideas/works. The Future sees its main goal as providing works that would not be published by large publishers an opportunity to be appreciated.


If you have an idea or a work that you think we would like, get in touch with us.


Contact us for more information about contributing.

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