View from the Outside


In June of 2016, the Looiersgracht 60 (a private gallery in Amsterdam) commissioned us to create a work to accompany the architecture exhibition: Japan Archipelago of the House. For this exhibition we made with Kevin Veenhuizen a two spaces and two video works, Light and Dark.


So as to archive, and to allow the installation to live on beyond the initial exhibition, we created a book. This book uses still from each film clip interspersed with images created by The Future.

Release Information


View from the Outside was released July 2016.


Format: A4

Paper Type: Cyclus 100 grams.

Colors: Black

Volumes: 30 copies


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We publish our own works, works that we commission, but we are always open to good ideas/works. The Future sees its main goal as providing works that would not be published by large publishers an opportunity to be appreciated.


If you have an idea or a work that you think we would like, get in touch with us.


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