Format: A4
Paper Type: 120 gsm Munken, transparency sheets
Colors: blue, red, black
Volumes: 1 Edition: 10


Format: A6
Paper Type: 100 gsm TAKEO
Colors: black
Edition: 500

For Roppongi Art Night 2014, we were asked to create an installation and workshop / game as one of the four main features of the festival. Together with the Trading City we created the Trade Game.

The Trade Game is an installation and game made out of paper boxes various type of choreography and audience interaction. As part fo this installation, as well as to archive and document the process, we produced various small booklets that were distributed to the audience. All data produced (from movement of participants, and the various decisions made) was put into a book that was created at the very end of the performances.

small booklets

press conference

team trade lab & studio the future

city shuffle game pr image

making documentation