There is no centre-periphery dichotomy, it is only a matter of perspective. Where you are is your centre, whether it is the countryside or in a metropolis — according to photographer J.H. Engstrom. Based on conversations with the artist, The Future invited Tokyo based sound artist Yama Yuki and multi-disciplinary artist Will Robinson to collaborate on creating a unique soundscape for J.H. Engstrom’s exhibition in FOAM. Taking sound samples from Tokyo, Yama and Will created three distinct tracks: country, transition and city. To express the concept and the sound in the exhibition space visually The Future created a map.

Yama Yuki is a Tokyo based sound artist, composer, DJ and event organiser.

Will Ross Robinson is a Tokyo based multi-disciplinary artist, and DJ.

of the evening

of the evening

front side of map

back side of map

text of back side