Starting in 2014, we decided that we not only need to provide a paper medium to share ideas, but that we also need to provide a platform through which ideas can be further developed. The format we found to fit the best is the artist in residency. However, once we asked a bunch of funds and residency organizations we came to the understanding that there are quite narrow categories for who are eligible. As we, and many people around us, were not eligible for most government sponsored residency programs we decided to make our own, one that is open to anyone and everyone who has an idea that want to develop further.

The first was organized in Fukuoka Prefecture’s Kama City, Senzu Town for which we invited four Dutch participants and three Japanese participants. The city government allowed us to use one of its recently shuttered elementary schools as location. The resulting works were then exhibited at Oda Hiroki Museum of Art, and later in the year in Tokyo at SHIBAURA HOUSE.

Following this we have organized smaller residencies in Yoro Town (together with L&C Design). We are hoping to continue to organize these free periods and spaces around the world (with a focus on Europe and East Asia).