Edition of 30
A4 80 pages
RISO Black
Cyclus Print 115 gsm

In June of 2016, the Looiersgracht 60 (a private gallery in Amsterdam) commissioned us to create a work to accompany the architecture exhibition: Japan Archipelago of the House. For this exhibition we created a new media and architectural installation with Kevin Veenhuizen, two spaces and two video works, Light and Dark.

We were playing off the theme Inside / Outside – Interior / Exterior as a response to the perpetuated image of Japanese modern architecture. Two video projections and a soundscape were placed into two large (9 square meter) architectural structures. We created the new media works by splicing and editing our own recorded footage and a selection of (avant garde) Japanese films.
So as to archive, and to allow the installation to live on beyond the initial exhibition, we created a book. This book uses still from each film clip interspersed with images created by The Future.

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