Fiat Lux is a book as well as a video installation (moving image / color and sound). The book and subsequent installation have had 3 iterations.

Fiat Lux part 1 at Mediametic Amsterdam
For the project “Take Apart a Car” by Olivier Oosterbaan and Victor Engbers, we wrote a screen play for a film that will never be made, at least in the traditional sense (more on this mid-2017).

Victor and Oliver had gone out on a limb, done something they had no previous experience with (taking apart a car, quite literally). Inspired we decided to do the same, but reflecting on our daily observations of the 10 day project. This edition was made specially for the Tokyo Art Book Fair 2016.
Year: 2016
Edition of 100
RISO Black
Cyclus 80 gsm

Fiat Lux part 2 at Ghent Art Book Fair, 019, Ghent

The first official screening of the 38 minute version of the Fiat Lux film, in collaboration with sound artist Yama Yuki.

Fiat Lux part 3 at MeCA Festival, LAFORET, Tokyo
Year: 2016
Edition of 50
A5 68 pages
RISO Black, Hot Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow
Munken Print 115 gsm
Cover Metallic Silver

In 2018 a video installation of this text was presented in Tokyo for the new media arts festival MeCA, with an additional installation of three dot matrix printers, accompanied by the score of sound artist Yama Yuki. This was presented in LAFORET MUSEUM.

Publication available in our (online) store.

cover of book

inside book

at Laforet Harajuku

at Laforet Harajuku

at Laforet Harajuku