Edition of 200
A4, A4 half, A5
RISO Black, Blue, Hot Pink, Green
Arjowiggens Popset Cement 80 gsm, Cyclus 80 gsm

TAAK invited us to take part in their program Cure Park (an extension of their Cure Master at the Sandberg Instituut). Over a period of 6 weeks, we documented the festival creating space and time within the event itself to reflect and react to what was happening.

Each Sunday we held an editorial meeting with eh staff of TAAK and students from the Sandberg (PUB) to run through the happenings of the days prior. These reflections were documented, and posters were created by us within 2 days. On Tuesday they were printed, on Wednesday the other side of printed and on Thursday they were distributed in the park as a poster.

After the 6 weeks, we bundled the posters into one book, adding additional information or corrections, and put a hard cover on it. This became the book.

book cover

inside of book, various formats to contextualize the final book

inside the book