As part of Lokaal Internationaal, for QUOTATION Magazine we were asked to introduce 10 interesting groups / individuals active in Amsterdam that demonstrate a new creative approach. We picked: ORDER, DURAN LANTINK, BONNE REIJN, RED LIGHT RADIO, OLYA OLEINIC, DE SCHOOL and others.

This became the basis for an exhibition and talk event that was held in collaboration with BEAMS’ TOKYO CultuArts.

Since this 60 page contribution, we have been asked to continue to contribute to the magazine, interviewing non-Japan based artists, designers, and overall creatives to talk about their practice and their particular context. The magazine is distributed in Japan only, and on occasion by Atheneum Nieuwscentrum in Amsterdam.

Quotation Magazine #28: Bart de Baets, Pauline le Pape, Hansje van Halem, and Jeremy Jansen.

Quotation Magazine #29: Experimental Jetset, Rohan Wang, Gilles de Brock, Xiaopeng Yuan.

Quotation Magazine #30: Patrick Thomas, Erik Kessels, Tim Enthoven.

Quotation Magazine #31: Bureau Mirko Borsche, Anne Claire de Breij, Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva.

Quotation Magazine #27

Quotation Magazine #28

Quotation Magazine #29

Quotation Magazine #30