For the COLLEMACHIA RESIDENCY organized by The Museum of Loss and Renewal we were asked to contribute an activity / something for the residents to reflect on. The residency is focused on practitioners that have book making and/or publishing as a main aspect of their practice.

Rather than give the residents something to think about per say, or something all too specific to book making and publishing, we wanted to give them something physical to do. More than anything, physical movements done in unison creates a bond between people that can lead to a more productive collaboration. So to create this kind of situation we created a series of “exercises” that the residents could do together — to get their minds off the conceptual or theoretical frameworks that were no doubt being bombarded with.

The video is inspired by the Japanese version of Radio Taiso (radio exercise) that we used to do with local elderly in Kama City while preparing for our own residency. The music is an old Soviet exercise sound track. We slowed it down a bit but it is not made by us.

The mission on this was to make something fun that anyone could use!

excerpt of video