Nagasaki Museum of Art asked us to make a workshop again (we were happy they did because we really like to work with them), this time for the program Nagasaki Night Museum. For this event we thought it might be fun to introduce one of our artist friends from Tokyo — Will Ross Robinson.

First, we did a special Lecture “Culture at Night” about the cross-overs between night culture and museums and other spaces that are open during the night and present art in a ‘night club’ setting.

Our conversations, which lead to the above mentioned lecture, inspired Nagasaki Museum of Modern Art to prolong their opening hours for one night and to program the museum with more experimental, ad-hoc and nighttime related events, such as DJ collective with a huge set-up which took over the entrance hall.

The DIY art installation we did together with Will and the visitors, using all the left-over materials of the museum’s storage space.

with Will discussion how to build up the base of the installation using found materials in the museum

checking from the top

in the process of making