We are a research and nuance-plagued multidisciplinary design studio. Our approach is: 1) to research thoroughly; 2) to place it within the various contexts, 3) considering all stakeholders; 4) to create an appropriate strategy; 5) we do something. This thing we do varies from installations, exhibitions, books, lectures, reports, plans, or programs, as long as it is something new and has meaning. One activity that does stay constant is that we archive through the print medium — not everything, but almost everything.


The Future Publishing

As a publisher our purpose is to give small and/or experimental ideas, that could have a large impact, an opportunity to communicate through the print medium. Breaking away from the current idea of publishing, and returning it to the more classical meaning of “making ideas public”, we create space and possibilities for a range of alternatives to the present state to emerge and enter our everyday discourse.

Though based in Amsterdam, we collaborate and distribute internationally.

We love paper, ink on paper, and books.

In 2012, we traveled through Tokyo and apart from the aesthetic delicacies that abounded, we noticed that the book culture flourishes and the appreciation for print is very visible. This was less so in Amsterdam or New York. What can a small printer and publisher contribute? Often interesting works cannot be considered by larger publishers for various reasons, while a smaller printing company with smaller print runs can. Can’t printed matter be interesting, affordable and of good quality?

The print medium has always been successful — ink on paper still fascinates and inspires. However, the pervasive (corporate) model for printing and publishing, emerging over the last fifty years, has proven itself to be out of sync.

The following is our general strategy and approach to publishing and printing:

  • only produce small print runs;
  • build partnerships;
  • to achieve the aesthetic quality necessary, we act as curators for works;
  • we do not restrict ourselves to a certain field;
  • everything under the same roof.